What we do

Our story

For more than 20 years, Xist4 has been committed to delivering excellence by connecting exceptional talent at mid to senior and executive-level with formidable organisations. Ours is a history of partnership and understanding between us and each client and candidate we represent.

Xist4’s aim is to always be building long-term relationships with our clients. This has been the key reason why over 70% of all mandates we have completed are with organisations we have previously supported, and individuals whose careers we helped shape.

What we believe

Core values

Our foundation is built on a purpose-led commitment to equality, guiding our mission from the very start. Our ambition is to lead in elevating professionals to mid, senior, and C-level positions, focusing on talent and capability over background.

In an era marked by unparalleled change and disruption, we partner with organisations to introduce an innovative approach to inclusive hiring.


Open, honest, and ongoing communication throughout every step of the hiring process.


Respecting and treating every client and every candidate equally, irrespective of size of organisation or background of individual.


Enabling organisations to overcome the hurdles to becoming a truly equitable employer.

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Embedding sustainability and social purpose at the core of everything we do as a business.

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How we do it

Making a difference

While the needs of our clients have changed in the 20 or more years since Xist4 was formed, there remains one constant: the need to attract and retain those individuals with the skills and expertise to both tackle the demands of today while having the tenacity to react and respond to the disruptive digital and technological changes of tomorrow.

Meeting these challenges head on means focusing our candidate search efforts on different directions to what has gone before. It’s about having our collective fingers on the pulse of what is happening, understanding the specific needs of every client, and helping them to fulfill their most pressing hiring needs based on talent not background.