Fostering Inclusivity and Enhancing Diversity in Recruitment

The pursuit of increased inclusivity and diversity within the workplace has been a pivotal element of organisational strategies for over a decade. Many companies have encountered obstacles to becoming genuinely inclusive employers throughout this period, hindering their ability to effectively engage, recruit, and retain talent from historically marginalised communities.

The advent of changes to traditional working models,  presents a unique chance for organisations to reevaluate their recruitment strategies and team structures. Xist4 is poised to guide this transformative process. The question then becomes, how do we achieve this? Our methods are manifold.

As an active participant in the Tech Talent Charter, Xist4 aligns with a collective of forward-thinking organisations dedicated to implementing best hiring practices and addressing the challenges of diversity and inclusivity within the tech sector. Our commitment extends across Bristol, London, and nationally throughout England and Wales, striving to bring about substantial change.

In crafting job descriptions and adverts, we exercise meticulous attention to ensure language does not inadvertently exclude or deter potential candidates through gender-coded words (such as "confident" or "ambitious"), age-related terminology ("vibrant", "digital native"), or phrases that may perpetuate racial biases ("cultural fit", "brown bag sessions").

Our search for candidates exceeds conventional platforms like LinkedIn or industry-specific publications. Recognising that potential candidates engage with various platforms, from networking groups and social media to specialised community forums supporting underrepresented individuals, we ensure our presence is where the talent resides. This broadened outreach is a testament to our commitment to inclusivity.

Moreover, throughout the interview process, we encourage our clients to engage actively, offering insights, raising questions, and participating in a decision-making process that champions fairness and transparency. This collaborative approach ensures that diversity and inclusivity are not merely buzzwords but integral components of our recruitment philosophy.



A key to business success

Racially and ethnically diverse companies out perform industry norms by 35%

Source: McKinsey


Driving Inclusion Through Action: Our Policy

As an ethnically-owned business, Xist4 embodies the principles of diversity and inclusivity in theory and through lived experience. Understanding intimately the challenges faced by the candidates our clients aspire to recruit, we recognise that diversity cannot thrive without inclusivity; the two are intrinsically linked.

Navigating the terrain to find marginalised mid and senior-level talent for the tech sector presents its unique set of challenges. Candidates from varied socio-economic backgrounds often do not engage on conventional recruitment platforms; they embody the essence of passive talent, discreetly open to new opportunities yet not actively searching.

Once identified, it's crucial these talents are introduced to environments where culture and ethos are aligned with values of fairness, acceptance, and equality. This encompasses everything from equitable remuneration to genuine opportunities for professional growth.

Positioning the Right Talent in Supportive Environments

Engaging with Xist4 allows employers to leverage experience bridging the diversity and inclusivity gaps within their organisations. This partnership elevates their status as an employer of choice and secures a competitive advantage in the marketplace. By fostering an environment that values inclusivity at its core, we assist organisations in attracting exceptional talent and nurturing a culture that encourages their growth and contribution, thereby ensuring the advancement and success of both the individuals and the organisations they join. Our commitment to inclusivity informs every aspect of our approach, making us a pivotal ally in pursuing a more diverse, inclusive, and innovative tech industry.