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Our story

Two Decades of Excellence in IT Recruitment and Strategic Talent Search

Xist4 has committed itself to excellence in IT Recruitment and Strategic Talent Search for over two decades, adeptly matching extraordinary talent with formidable organisations. Specialising in mid to senior-level positions within the dynamic tech landscape, we have cultivated a distinguished reputation for understanding and meeting the sophisticated needs of the industries we serve and the professionals we champion. Our areas of expertise span across Infrastructure & DevOps, Business Intelligence & Analytics, Cybersecurity, Engineering, Software Development, and the frontiers of AI, Machine Learning, NLP, and Automation.

Meaningful collaborations and a profound grasp of the interplay between candidates and clients shape our narrative. At the core of Xist4's ethos lies a dedication to forging enduring relationships. This principle has underpinned our success, with most of our engagements stemming from organisations we have previously supported and from facilitating individuals in their professional advancement.

Xist4's Strategic Talent Search service is designed for roles that require a comprehensive recruitment approach. This includes pivotal areas such as Business Transformation, Change Management, Senior Leadership, and DEI Initiatives, where we place leaders and strategic minds in positions that drive business evolution and promote inclusivity within workplace cultures.

Our method is integrative, focusing on our clients' hiring objectives while also nurturing our candidates' career ambitions. At Xist4, we pride ourselves on being an integral component of the tech ecosystem, supporting the organisations that spearhead innovation and the individuals who realise it.

What we believe

Core values

Our ethos is deeply rooted in a commitment to inclusivity, guiding our actions from the very beginning. We are dedicated to placing professionals in mid- and senior-level positions, prioritising talent and expertise irrespective of background.

In an era defined by rapid technological progress and constant change, Xist4 collaborates closely with organisations to develop a recruitment strategy that is both responsive and forward-looking. Our approach is designed to not only meet the immediate needs of our clients but also to prepare them for the evolving demands of the future workplace.


Open, honest, and ongoing communication throughout every step of the hiring process.


Respecting and treating every client and every candidate equally, irrespective of size of organisation or background of individual.


Enabling organisations to overcome the hurdles to becoming a truly equitable employer.

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Embedding sustainability and social purpose at the core of everything we do as a business.

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How we do it

Making a difference

Over the last twenty years, the landscape of our client needs has shifted. Yet, the fundamental challenge remains: to attract and retain talent capable of meeting today's demands while being agile enough to adapt to the future's digital and technological advancements.

Xist4 approaches candidate search with a blend of innovation and strategic foresight. We're in tune with the pulse of industry trends and possess a deep understanding of each client's distinct requirements. Our strategy focuses on aligning organisations with candidates who bring both the skillset and the growth potential necessary for enduring success. Operating from our bases in Bristol and London, we offer comprehensive IT Recruitment, Strategic Talent Search, and Executive Search services across England and Wales. We aim to empower our clients to achieve their most pressing hiring goals, thereby ensuring their continuous advancement and success.