Environmental Policy

Xist4 is a leading Data and IT Recruitment agency, specialising in sourcing and placing technology and data professionals at executive, mid, and senior levels.

Xist4 Data and IT Recruitment is fortunate due to the nature of its business to have a relatively small environmental impact – mainly the use of paper and energy for lighting, heating and office equipment. However Xist4 Data and IT Recruitment considers environmental management to be of prime importance and is fully committed to fulfilling all environmental responsibilities as well as continuous improvement of environmental performance. As such Xist4 Data and IT Recruitment will work with clients, contractors, suppliers and the workforce towards achieving this goal.

The objective of this policy is to attain and maintain high standards of environmental performance throughout Xist4 Data and IT Recruitment.

All persons conducting activities under the name of Xist4 Data and IT Recruitment will adhere to this Environmental Policy.

It is the Policy of the Company to:

  • Understand and comply with all legal requirements, codes of practice and regulations;
  • Organise operations in order to prevent or minimise pollution and disturbance to neighbours and the general public;
  • Take action to continually improve our environmental performance across all our activities, products and services;
  • Provide assistance, training and information that may be necessary to personnel at all levels;
  • Use materials and resources with regard to long-term sustainability;
  • Employ a consistent framework for the management of environmental issues across all its operations;
  • Review environmental performance.

The successful management of environmental issues will be achieved by:

  • Identification and management of environmental risks and aspects;
  • Working towards a paperless office and committing to electronic means of communication where legally permissible;
  • Minimising all landfill waste by “reduce, recycle and re-use” whenever possible;
  • Switching off all lighting, computers and other electrical equipment when not required;
  • Take environmental considerations into account when selecting our suppliers and contractors;
  • Provision of prompt response to incidents and emergencies;
  • Promotion of environmental issues and good practice; and
  • Reviewing and reporting on the content and implementation of this policy.