How we work

The process

In the current competitive landscape, sourcing and securing top-tier talent is paramount to achieving your hiring goals. It's essential, therefore, to collaborate with a Data and IT Recruitment Agency or Strategic Talent Search Agency that possesses the requisite tools and the depth of expertise necessary to align with your organisational and recruitment ambitions.

Xist4 stands at the forefront of addressing the complexities and elevated stakes of today's recruitment challenges. With over two decades of refined practice, our recruitment methodology offers a clear, structured approach designed to meet your talent acquisition needs and significantly surpass them.

Our Data and IT Recruitment and Strategic Talent Search expertise ensures that we understand the intricacies of the tech landscape and the unique demands of securing exceptional talent within it. Whether you're seeking to fill mid, senior, or executive-level positions, Xist4 aims to empower your organisation to attract and retain the comprehensive mix of leaders, innovators, and essential team members who collectively drive your success forward.

What we do

Strategic Recruitment

We remain committed to working with you until the best candidate for each specific position is found and onboarded. Before we start our search, we need to agree and outline key parameters with all the stakeholders involved.

1. Briefing: Getting started

We aim to serve as a strategic partner for our clients at every stage of the journey towards building their digital and technology mid, senior, and executive-level expertise. That journey starts with an initial and comprehensive briefing meeting to gain a deep understanding of your parameters and define the precise requirements you have for your ideal candidate.

2. Research: Optimising the search

Equipped with the above information, we can then develop a compelling proposition that we can take to the market and our extensive network. Effective talent mapping is all about finding the right candidates who can support your overarching business strategy based both on where the organisation is now and where you see it heading. and bring you the best candidates with the talent needed to fulfill your expectations of the role and fully immerse themselves into your organisation’s culture and team dynamic.

3. Approaching: Attract and engage

With our targets identified, the Xist4 team initiates its outreach program. We systematically and professionally engage that talent using a plethora of tactics - including direct and professional headhunting – to position the opportunity is the right way to the right people and in a way that will resonate with them based on our understanding of their backgrounds, contact and meet with the strongest middle management, senior and C-suite digital and technology candidates to profile the opportunity you have and report on those for consideration in the next stage of the hiring process.

4. Steering meeting: Keeping you updated

Transparency is key to all successful business relationships, especially when it comes to business-critical hiring. From sharing the profiles and reviews of those candidate we have approached on your behalf, to providing additional insights to support your hiring decision, we will keep you updated at every stage of the process.

5. Longlist: Assess and progress

From all of this, a long list of mid to executive-level digital and technology candidates emerges. Each of the longlisted candidates is then further assessed against the brief, both functionally and behaviourally. We will feed back to you on the candidate profiles who we believe should be considered for shortlisting and interview.

6. Shortlist: Offer, negotiate, onboard

Those shortlisted candidates will then be contacted to both consolidate their interest in the position and organise final interviews with the client. Once the offer is made, negotiated, and accepted, and all checks have been completed, Xist4 will continue to work with both candidate and employer to ensure a smooth transition.


What our clients say


We have worked closely with Xist4 to recruit some critical technical IT Infrastructure and Development roles in a very challenging marketplace. We have been successful in now appointing all of the roles – Gozie Ezulike has provided a very professional level of service and expertise.

We are delighted with the result and our new hire and look forward to working with Xist4 again in the future.

We have been impressed with the professionalism and service provided by Xist4 IT Recruitment over recent months, particularly their flexible approach towards solving our recruitment issues.