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Online Gaming Company

To recruit people highly proficient in technology, with a background in e-commerce and an understanding of online gaming.

The Challenge

When your website is the sole link that your organisation has with its audience, the maintenance and functionality of that site becomes one of primary importance. None more so than for an online gaming company. Their interactive website is used by millions or customers 24-hours a day, seven days a week, to place bets on the outcome of Europe’s most popular lottery draws.

This means that the website cannot afford any downtime and behind the scenes the company needs to utilise sophisticated software to process transactions for electronic fund transfers and to handle customer relationships. Anyone joining this online gaming company had to appreciate the absolute need to ensure the website is always available and ideally understand both the world of e-commerce and the complexities surrounding online gaming.

The Solution

Finding people to fit this client’s precise requirements would be seen as a challenge for some recruitment companies, not so for Xist4. Using their focused hiring process, Xist4 has consistently excelled at finding people with a breadth of skills for this popular online gaming company. By taking the time to understand the strict parameters that the company works within, Xist4 made it a key priority to seek candidates who they knew would be able to cope in such a demanding environment and could fulfil criteria of the job. 

For each position that Xist4 was seeking to place, be it as a service desk support agent or a Java developer, Xist4 initially checked that each person had the right balance of skills needed for the position. Then during a face- to-face interview they were able to assess that person’s working knowledge of the two key areas: e-commerce and online gambling.

The Result

Having conducted these essential pre-interviews Xist4 could reliably present their client with a refined short list of candidates from whom they could choose several people to attend interviews with other members from the online gaming company. 

For Xist4 following their thorough process to assess not only someone’s professional capability, but also to make a judgement about that person’s suitability to fit the culture of the company, saved their client valuable time. In a 24-hour business time is money; to be presented with competent people, perfect for the company with the right level of skills, meant the successful person started just four weeks following the receipt of the client’s brief.

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I’ve decided to give Gozie this recruitment responsibility, because to him providing Human Resources means building a relationship with the Company, understanding its management and what is really needed to fit the environment and the role.

Head of IT