Allow me to reintroduce myself.

My name is Gozie, Director of executive search firm Xist4. I founded Xist4 in 1999 as a search consultancy to support companies seeking mid to senior digital, technology and engineering professionals. We continue to excel in providing this service. However, over the years, it has been noticeable that the diversity gap has consistently widened across the board in C-Suite, digital, technology and engineering roles. As an ethnic minority business owner in recruitment, I realised that more needed to be done to tackle this issue.


Pre pandemic, I took the step of expanding our core services to providing inclusivity hiring. We are now helping more organisations attract, hire and retain diverse, high-performing talent.


It’s great to read and see so many organisations, big and small, making pledges about their commitment to bridging the diversity and equality gap. However, the time for rhetoric is well and truly over, and more substantive action is needed.


No more ifs and no more buts.

No more hiding behind the same old preferred supplier lists, just because management resists embracing change.

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