How do you fill a million tech jobs in a year?

How do you fill a million tech jobs in a year?

Britain is among the Top 10 Countries in the world for technological expertise, boasting a tech industry worth about $1 trillion and growing with more than a million job opportunities opening up in the past year.

Despite the high demand for tech-savvy employees, the supply of recruits often isn't enough to fill all those openings, but that doesn't mean there aren't qualified candidates available to work!

On the contrary, there are many well-qualified tech professionals worth their weight in gold with experience in all kinds of uniquely demanding roles. The apparent lack of skilled candidates, in part can be attributed to a lack of proactive, inclusive recruiting campaigns. Recruiters that rely solely on conventional avenues to attract active job seekers are missing out on a vast pool of highly skilled individuals from diverse backgrounds.


Solution: Target active and passive candidates

Conventional recruitment routes in any industry usually target active candidates, which are people actively seeking employment. They might be dissatisfied with their current position or have recently left one, so they are active in the job market. Hiring managers focusing on those active candidates might be able to pluck a few gems from the crowd to shortlist the most desirable among them, but many won't even fit the bill with skills and experience.

Passive candidates, on the other hand, are not actively looking for work. They probably already have a high level of job satisfaction, so they aren't reading recruitment ads or thinking about getting a new job. However, these are the professionals that are among the most desirable for hiring managers. They have a track record of continuous employment, qualifications and experience, so targeting passive candidates in your hiring campaigns brings much more fruitful results than conventional recruitment channels.

Xist4 specializes in helping companies find the most suitable active and passive candidates for challenging roles from an inclusive pool of experienced specialists, including professionals from diverse backgrounds.

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Filling the tech skills gap with diversity programs

The ballooning gap in qualified candidates to fill skilled positions is widespread across tech industry sectors, especially for management and senior-level positions requiring industry-specific knowledge and experience. Yet there are many well-qualified candidates with skills and expertise that would add immense value to companies if those companies were willing to diversify their recruiting process.

That means expanding the reach of recruitment drives for specialist positions by actively engaging with diverse networks of active and passive candidates.


How diversity adds value

Companies recruiting in-house staff from diverse backgrounds or outsourcing from diverse suppliers benefit in several ways, including these:


  • Removes bias from the recruitment process
  • Increases productivity
  • Ensures more creativity and innovation
  • Better problem solving
  • Smarter decision making
  • Reduces staff turnover rate
  • Improves corporate image


Diversity demand in software development & programming

With the surge in dependence on digital solutions for almost every aspect of business communications and living a modern life, software developers and programmers are in high demand, not just in tech companies but in any sector using technology. Specialists in hundreds of different coding languages are needed, but about a third of the latest openings are for JavaScript experts.


Demand for data analysts

Data is the driving force behind the evolution of most of today's markets, putting data engineers and data analysts in high demand. Capturing information about customers and trends is vital, and it is global. Diversifying data analyst roles brings benefits such as multi-lingual skills to analyze data in different languages and from countries. Companies that diversify their data analysts also gain a competitive advantage while keeping costs down.


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