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British Owned Multinational Manufacturer

To encourage quality candidates to join a large-scale multinational company based in a small Somerset town.

The Challenge

For a multinational manufacturing company, having the space to build and develop their popular range of domestic, commercial, and industrial cleaning and maintenance equipment is important for their business development. From modest beginnings in 1969, the company outgrew three sites before settling in a small provincial Somerset town, where they are still headquartered today.

Being one of the largest employers in the area, recruitment was an ongoing process, and the company entrusted their key digital and technology roles with Xist4, given our extensive experience of successfully supporting other similar businesses within the region over a period of several years. This saw Xist4 become the hiring partner of choice for the company for seven years.

During this time, Xist4 has successfully sourced people keen to work in this beautiful part of the West Country in a variety of technical positions ranging from DBA Manager, Network Support, Desktop Support Analyst and Oracle Analyst Programmer.

The Solution

Location is often considered to be a key consideration both for hiring managers and candidates. Our role was not only to convey the benefits and opportunity of the positions being recruited for on behalf of our client, but also to promote the West Country as a destination of choice for individuals and their families. Ultimately, it is about matching the right people with the role and organisation that suits them best – one where they can grow and help the business succeed.

Before Xist4 even presented CVs from preferred candidates to their client, they spent time performing a methodical search of the candidate landscape looking for people on their expansive databases, as well as placing information on key job boards. Having found people who matched the job requirements Xist4 took time to qualify the suitability of each person during a face-to-face interview where they could assess how committed someone would be to working for one of the UK’s leading cleaning manufacturers. 

The Result

This important step meant that by the time the client was introduced to potential candidates Xist4 could confidently know that each and everyone was happy to consider moving or travelling to this remote part of Somerset. 

Another vital component to the Xist4 process, which played an important role in successfully placing candidates in the vacancies for this multinational company, was the commitment to the candidate themselves. Xist4 spent time explaining to each prospective person what the role entailed and moreover highlighted the benefits of working for this company, explaining more about the culture of the company before they went to an interview with the IS manager. Once appointed and onboarded, Xist4 remained in contact with the successful applicant conducting a review phone call after three months of being in the role. 

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We’ve worked with Xist4 for over 5 years. Their knowledge, expertise in filling highly specialist IT vacancies in remote locations is exceptional. They’ve provided up strong applicants that match our exacting requirements, and they qualify applicants thoroughly before forwarding their CV.

IS Manager