Shaping the future of diversity, equality, and inclusion

The drive for greater diversity and inclusion among mid to senior and C-level roles has been at the top of the organisational agenda for over a decade. During this time, organisations have  faced a series of roadblocks on their path to becoming truly equitable employers. This limits their ability to connect, recruit and retain talent from underrepresented communities.

The changes that have come to the traditional working model because of the pandemic have created an unprecedented opportunity for companies to rethink the way they recruit and organise their teams. And we can help facilitate this. The question is how? There are several approaches that we take.

As a business, Xist4 is a signatory of the Tech Talent Charter. This a collective of likeminded organisations committed to sharing best hiring practice and taking action on the lack of diversity and inclusion within the tech discipline.

When writing job descriptions, we take great care in ensuring that the language used isn’t male-coded (confident, ambitious), doesn’t alienate experienced professionals (vibrant, digital native)., and avoids unknowingly perpetuating racial bias (cultural fit, brown bag sessions).

We also cast the net out beyond the familiar realms of LinkedIn and your sector’s go-to publications. Candidates frequent a multitude of other domains, ranging from networking groups and social media to membership bodies and increasingly community forums that support underrepresented groups. We go where they are. And when it comes to the interview process, we empower clients to contribute to, challenge, and scrutinise the decision-making process.



A key to business success

Racially and ethnically diverse companies out perform industry norms by 35%

Source: McKinsey


Making change happen: Our policy

Xist4’ is an ethnic-owned business. We’re not just champions for diversity and inclusion in digital, technology and engineering roles, we have lived the experiences that many of the candidates you seek to attract face and we know that diversity cannot exist without inclusion – the two are mutually dependable.

The search for diverse and inclusive tech talent is not easy. Candidates from different socio-economic backgrounds are not found in the typical hunting ground, they are the very definition of passive rather than active seekers of new opportunities.

When the right talent is found, they need to feel confident that the culture and environment within our clients’ organisations is one of fairness, acceptance, and equality both in terms of renumeration and growth opportunities. Our Bespoke Recruitment, Retained Search, or Executive Search service enables clients to achieve their aims around increasing the diversity of talent pools through our actively inclusive ways of working.

The right talent in the right hands

By partnering with us, employers can benefit from our 20 years of practice in enabling employers to narrow the diversity and inclusion gaps that currently exist in their organisations, raise their profile as an employer of choice, and gain that all-important edge over their competition.