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I must say I am very impressed with your approach to your applicants and your overall professionalism which I feel is strongly lacking amongst the other agencies that I have made contact with. Very few if any have your approach and keep in contact with their applicants.

Michael Dimond

I have found a job at last after much time wasted at other agencies. Within a very short time, Xist4 had managed to find several relevant companies and interviews for me. I found them to be very efficient and they did not waste time sending irrelevant jobs. I would certainly recommend them to other people. 

Stephen Gray

Having tried other agencies previously, I was very impressed with the personal service and professionalism of Xist4 IT - a refreshing change!

Greg Dance

The service I received from Xist4 IT has been professional, courteous and thorough. The company helped me rationalise my employment requirements and offered enough support, at the right time to help me turn those requirements into a firm job offer.

Matt Baron

In all my dealings with Xist4 IT Recruitment I have always found them helpful and informative in keeping me completely up to date with the current situation.

It is obvious that a great deal of pride is taken in getting the right people for the right jobs instead of just sending people for interviews as most recruitment agencies do. I would highly recommend them and would definitely use them in the future. 

Andrew Pritchard

I would like to thank Gozie at Xist4 IT Recruitment Ltd for all his help in securing my new position.

When I started sending off my CV to agencies Gozie was one of the few that called me to discuss my requirements. He listened to what I wanted and was very helpful. He kept me informed of developments with interviews at all times and when he said he'd call me back, he did!

Overall I think the service provided by Xist4 IT Recruitment Ltd and Gozie has been the best I've come across in 2 years in the industry.

Steve Boulton, MCSE

The service I received from Xist4 IT Recruitment Ltd I can sum up in three words; fast, efficient and reliable.

The consultant, Gozie Ezulike, answered my application within 30 minutes, booked me for an interview within 1 hour, and gave me feedback straight away after the first and the second interview.

The company where I applied for seemed to have a real exclusive relationship with Xist4 IT, as all communication between them and Xist4 IT was very fast and efficient. The manager who interviewed me knows and appreciates Gozie Ezulike, the consultant as they have been working together many times. When the consultant told me that he would give some feed back at a certain time, well he did always.

So, 5 days after sending my application to Xist4 IT, I became a happy working lady!

Aminata Nilsson

After looking through the Internet for a new IT position I came across XIST4 IT Recruitment’s web site, which looked more exciting than the rest. When I submitted my CV to XIST4 IT in response to a position, I was pleased to get a very quick response from them. One of their consultants went through the position in detail with me, advised me on my CV and then put me forward to the role I had applied for. It only took a day before I heard back from XIST4 IT informing me that I had an interview.

After being prepped for the interview by XIST4 IT I was ready. I went for a total of two interviews and to my pleasure I was offered the position, which I subsequently accepted. All the way through the process XIST4 IT stayed in constant contact and always kept me up to date with the latest information. Out of all the positions on the internet I have been for over the years and all the recruitment agencies I have dealt with XIST4 IT is the only company to pull through and complete what they stared. It has been a pleasure working with XIST4 IT Recruitment and I look forward to working with them again. 

Adam Hann

I have been very happy with the help XIST4 Recruitment has given me in helping me find a job. Their service was always efficient and friendly. Their knowledgable consultants were always able to find the time to help me with any questions I had and gave sound advice to me when I needed it. With XIST4 Recruitment I got the first job they recommended to me.

Brent Lloyd

I've worked with a lot of recruiters in my career and to my eyes, Gozie's the best one I met to date. Unlike most of the agents I've dealt with, Gozie treats his candidates as people, not just as revenue-making potential. When things go great, he's 100% involved no matter what you need of him or when. However, it's when things don't go according to plan that I think really distinguish Gozie from the rest of the pack. He's still there for you, working hard to learn from the negative experience and keep going. A person that truly understands what building long term relationships is all about. I would not hesitate recommending Gozie to any candidate looking for the next career step.

Ronen Elman

Gozie was highly succesful in placing me in a senior international IBM Maximo role last year. He helped me during the whole process and gave me valuable advice. I appreciated his honest and communicative style and would recommend Gozie to anyone who is seeking a results-oriented recruiting professional

Giovani Pereira

As a Director at XIST4 IT Recruitment Gozie listened to my needs and took the initiative in not only matching the applicant to the post, but also negotiated alternatives which would be compatible to all parties involved. I believe this out-of-the-box approach has been successful and so does my employer. Well done!

Tivon Rivers

I just wanted to give Gozie a big Thank you for all his help, which help me to find new job. I followed the advice that he gave me and after job interview I had an offer that was right on target with what I had asked for. Thank you again for your help, I have recommended Gozie and XIST4 IT Recruitment agency to others and I am sure they will have a huge help and get benefit knowing Gozie. Thanks for all your help and the generosity with which you share your expertise.

Zeljka Momcilovic

I found the XIST4 consultant I dealt with to be highly professional and expedited the whole process very efficiently. I would happily recommend XIST4.

Steve Richmond

I have had contact with many recruitment consultants during my time of unemployment with very mixed results, however Owen is definitely up there at the top. From the time my application was placed Owen was in constant contact with me, with conversations by telephone and email keeping me up to date with progress. Unlike some previous experiences, nothing dragged on and responses were immediate. The entire time from application to job offer was less than a week and that included 3 interviews with the hiring managers.

With the current economic climate and fear of unemployment, Owen is a recruitment consultant I like to do business with. I cannot recommend him highly enough.

Paul Vicary

I am impressed with the quality of service I have received from XIST4. They are very efficient, professional and friendly at the same time. I can definitely say that they are the best I’ve dealt with so far.

Razvan-Iulian Trifan

Gozie Ezulike and Owen Carter have supported me and guided through all the selection process. They were always available and the information they gave me was very useful.

Rafael Casado Sanchez

XIST4 provided accurate information of interview format and helped me through the process, from tips about the interview to detail information about what was expected and the kind of process I was about to start. Very professional in the way they contacted me. My office hours were never interrupted. In my case my recruiter was available during the weekend and out of my office hours and always sending emails in case I couldn’t answer calls. They always provided feedback as soon as they got it and they kept me inform of the recruitment process.

Gema Liano, Support Engineer

XIST4 were excellent from start to finish. Having had poor experiences with just about every other agency I’ve ever used, I was amazed to find my calls returned, scheduled follow ups made, great advice given and to my utter astonishment, when the chap helping me went on holiday, someone else took the reins! I cannot recommend XIST4 enough, they really changed my opinion of recruitment agencies for the better.

Andrew Wilson

XIST4 IT Recruitment offered a great service from start to finish! My contact was friendly, professional and always kept me up-to-date with the progress of my application. I would recommend anyone looking for a job in the IT sector to try this recruitment service. 10/10


They provided great service and communication, assisting me to seek new opportunity. Thanks for all the efforts from team XIST4.

Jiawen liang

The recruitment process was made easier thanks to the help of the team at XIST4. They helped me get answers to my questions, prepare for the interviews and in general they supported me. The relationship was easy-going and they represented my interests to the prospective employer. I look forward to starting my new position thanks to XIST4 IT Recruitment.

Bernd Lehmann

My experience with XIST4 IT was highly positive throughout. Having only ever been employed by companies directly, I was skeptical about third party involvement but XIST4 IT soon squashed these pre-conceptions. I also found their Work Seekers handbook well-presented and very well written.

Sami Resteghini

XIST4 Has been a great recruitment service thanks to its excellent service support and contacting on regular updates and keeping me involved, with incredible response and contact time, I haven’t seen this quality in in any other IT recruitment service in recent years.

Gareth Saunders

Having not had previous experience dealing with a recruitment agent before, I was pleasantly surprised at how efficient and personable the team were. Owen went out of his way to ensure that I was kept updated at all times, even when it meant contacting me out of hours with any updates. Any queries were always dealt with promptly, and I felt as though Owen had my vested interest as his priority, I would happily recommend XIST4 to other candidates looking for employment in the IT field.

Ella Sheehan

I was very pleased with the high-quality service Owen Carter at XIST4 IT Recruitment provided for me. I was updated during every stage of the recruitment process and it concluded with me being made an offer that matched my expectation. I would recommend XIST4’s services to any other IT professional looking for work.

Mariusz Bryl

XIST4 provided fantastic advice and support throughout the entire recruitment process. I was given detailed information about what to expect at each interview stage, which allowed me to go in feeling confident and well prepared. The staff were all very helpful and seemed genuinely interested in helping me find a role that would be a good fit.

Richard Catherall

Working with XIST4 IT has been a very easy and pleasant experience. They have anticipated my needs and provided me with constant support and guidance towards securing my perfect job. Thank you Gozie and his team.

Simon Fisher

I have been fortunate enough to meet XIST4 and Owen Carter who provided excellent consultative services second to none. Their guidance and support was very professional and reassuring to while looking for my next career position. I would highly recommend them if you are seeking employment and would use them in the future. Thank you.

Shaun Warnock

I got a job in less than a week. Hard to see how that could have gone better! 

Emma Burrows

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