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Xist4 - partnering you on your IT journey

Xist4 will work in partnership with you to make a difference to your business. We promise to always keep your best interests at heart as we want you to succeed and your employees to feel happy in their new role.

We recognise that your IT recruitment needs to change with your business and want to partner with you every step of the way.


Finding the right people

Recruitment can be costly and time consuming for a startup business, but having the right people in place can be the difference between success and failure. Sourcing people who share your business objectives is essential for a business starting out on a new journey. 

Finding people who are willing to join a new business in its infancy is a skill in itself. Xist4 has worked with several companies starting on their journey, we always recommend the sort of people who are prepared to invest their time and energy to help make the business a success. We look for people who are ingenious, adaptable and above all willing to get their hands dirty and wear multiple hats; after all starting a business is a marathon not a sprint!

The right advice

Think of Xist4 as your partner on this mammoth journey – we are there to advise you any IT recruitment matters. We can provide you an insight into the current market looking particularly at salary expectations to ensure you source the right talent your business needs.

The right choice

For a startup company one of the biggest investments is in people so it is imperative that the right person joins your team. Once you have identified the need to recruit, we will help you find that person. As an IT employment agency we have worked alongside several companies as they start to develop, helping them to define what resources are needed, then sourcing people, sometimes for entire departments.


Filling the gaps

Growth can be slow and organic, or fast paced via the acquisition and merging of other companies.  Whatever your strategy, as your IT recruitment company, Xist4 will partner you, helping to assess where the gaps in your employment are or could even be in the future. 

By letting us concentrate on finding the right talented people to join you, it leaves you free to concentrate on your business objectives. 


Getting ahead of competitors

One of those business objectives might be keeping ahead of the competition, investing in recruitment at an early stage of your growth strategy can give you the edge over your competitors. 

Being ready with a workforce who can handle expansion is one part of the battle, having them in place is where an IT recruitment company like Xist4 can help. Investing in people does make good business sense as it allows the company to sustain growth at a measured pace.


New location

Whatever your decision to relocate be it for business growth, a business acquisition or merger, or needing new premises, there may be a need to fill vacancies quickly. Working as your IT recruitment partner, Xist4 will assess your needs and take the pressure away by sourcing people who live near to your new location and who share your business objectives. 

Strategic hires

One of the reasons to relocate may be to grow your business in an area where you have more access to a target market or access to a more qualified labour force you need. Xist4 promises to shoulder the responsibility of looking for talented individuals who will continue to help your business grow and reduce any business downtime that may occur due to a move.


Businesses face constant challenges, they need to adopt and adapt to a range of changes from resignations and relocations to implementing new technology and even introducing a new culture. The success of all these situations relies heavily on having the right people in place within your business.  

Filling a role

Finding the right person to replace a key member is time consuming; frequently it is more about sourcing someone who can instantly slot into place, quickly becoming an asset. Alternatively the departure of key person can often herald a change as this can be an ideal time to review resources and make changes to the structure of a department. 

On paper many people share similar skills and qualifications.  Learning more about them as a person and appreciating their strengths and weaknesses is where an IT agency like Xist4 can help. We will take the time to delve deeper into each candidate and then provide you with a short list of people we think would be right for your business. 

Enforced changes

Taking a business through a dramatic enforced change such as a relocation or merger with another company requires careful change management. There is the inevitable fall out of people leaving, whilst those who remain need to feel nurtured and inspired by the leadership team. Adding to your workforce and selecting the right person in these circumstances can be an additional challenge, however working with an IT recruitment partner like Xist4 can prove invaluable leaving the management team free to concentrate on the task of managing the company change.

Transforming a department

Harnessing the constantly changing power of IT for some companies can mean a shift away from one process to another application, costly retraining and in many cases the need to recruit individuals with a proven record of using the application. Once a company has made the decision to adopt a new process Xist4 will work with you to source people capable of helping make the transition as smooth as possible.






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