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What's in store for the future of programming?

Do you know what the fastest selling personal computer is in Britain at the mo? Nope, it's the Raspberry Pi. It's music to our ears. Why? Because It was hoped this £25 cutie would encourage enquiring minds to pop the bonnet on the world of computers and take a peek at what's inside, and with it being the top seller at the moment, perhaps it is working?

A 900,000 shortfall of skilled IT staff across Europe is no joke. So let's hope the future of programming includes many more sales of the Raspberry Pi and with it a rise in the number of tech hobbyists. Because out of hobbyists spring skilled workers and if there is one thing the world needs it's IT staff. Also it needs fewer pop idols probably but that's another story. 

Next android, on everything. Currently you can find android fridges, headphones, car stereos even cameras. Yup you can upload your pics straight to instagram with nikon cameras. What's next? Android toilets? Maybe not, but you get the idea. Android is likely to be a staple of the future. 

What about programming languages themselves? Facebook has it's own code (mostly by accident) and Dropbox hired Python's creator a few years ago. There are likely to be even more languages springing forth the corporate world in the next few years / decades. That's a major prediction from those in the know.

Databases are probably going to take over the world too. Okay that's an exaggeration. But they're going to get increasingly sophisticated over the next few years. Able to crunch data like it's their job - which of course it is. So programmers (or should that be database users) are going to be working flat out - these intelligent databases aren't going to program themselves.

And finally what about the way people work? Well cloud computing means that software projects can span continents and this trend isn't going to disappear any time soon. In fact software projects are only going to get even bigger. Laptops are now powerful enough to be used for user development and tools like skype and video conferencing mean collaborating remotely is simple.

So all in all, the future is bright for anyone working or wanting to work in the IT sector.

Do you work as a programmer? Have your say. Tell us what you think the future holds for programmers and what's in store for the future of programming.

02 September 2015

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