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Gaming - a vital life skill or a time waster?

One dilemma facing both teachers and parents in the UK today is how to help bridge the gap in digital skills that we so badly need. London has seen a 27 per cent increase in jobs generated by the tech and digital sector, a trend that is set to continue.*

But how and where do the next generation of skilled digital workers hone their skills?  Considering the gaming industry has grown from back room business to become a recognised global business worth in excess of £48 million a year, should schools be timetabling time playing games?  Some schools have taken the controversial move and sanctioned playing the popular video game Minecraft to help teach children creative writing and other key skills. Now that the software giant Microsoft has paid $2.5 billion (£1.5 billion) it is clear to see that Microsoft is taking the gaming industry seriously.

When you consider the sheer number or people involved in the two latest technology product launches- the game Destiny and Apple’s attempt to woo Android customers with their ‘phablet’ the i-Phone 6 Plus it easy to appreciate why digital skills will be the skill of the future.

Destiny was originally developed in a bedroom by two guys; yet a team of 500 people worked on this latest launch. Whilst multi-national Apple gathered over 1000 people to work on their much awaited next generation i-Phone.

So next time you feel like improving your life skills playing for a few hours on the PS4 may not be wasted time!

17 September 2014

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