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The Geek Starter Pack - All You Need to Know


1980s: Huge glasses, terrifying acne, no girlfriend, the punching bag and an expert in video games* (read Dungeons and Dragons).

2016: Millions in the bank, members of the Supercars owners club, rock star status and experts in video games.

The tide has surely turned. Whilst one definition of Geek, according to, is “A person with an unusual or odd personality”, another is “A knowledgeable and obsessive computer enthusiast.” According to my dictionary, not published yet, the definition of a geek is “a tech person who the world can’t do without.” I came across a very interesting infographic on, proving that the world can’t survive without nerds.

I can’t agree more

Where it all started

Were it not for Tim Berners-Lee invention, I guess geeks would still be playing Dungeons and Dragons in their mothers’ basements. In 1989, Tim Berners-Lee invented the web and this was the turning tide of geeks as we know them. Where once they played video game, in basements, now they run multi-billion dollar companies. The web and the geeks that putter with it have been behind the greatest inventions the 21st century has witnessed.


Where it is now

8 out of the 10 most valuable brands in the world were started by geeks. Geeks constitute a considerable chunk of the world richest people. Don’t argue about it. Don’t even think about football stars. Matt Parker compares Rooney’s earning with Google founders. He notes that Rooney, one of the highest paid footballers in the world, would need to have started playing football in the year 1228 – playing all 52 weeks a year – in order for him to be now worth the same as the Google founders. In a twist of humour, Matt notes that he will have to sweat a lot too.

What we can’t do without the geeks

Revenge of the Nerds is a 1984 comedy film that tells a story of a group of outcast, geeky college kids who resolve to fight back for their self-respect and ended up becoming the most popular gang on campus. Three decades later, it doesn’t look like a joke. The world would definitely stop if all the geeks were abducted by aliens or something.


Geek know everything. When other college kids are out drinking and having sex, geeks are in their unkempt rooms busy writing codes for the next generation systems. These are the systems that homeland security will use two years from now to stop a jihadist from blowing up a club full of drunk college kids. Maybe it is the system that is going to help the National environmental management agency monitor emission in industries and vehicles. When Brian the geek is abducted by aliens, who will resolve the Error 404 displaying on your web browser when you try to Google search “my phone is stuck on the connect to iTunes screen”.

While geeks might not have the best sense of fashion, or the “sickest” dancing moves, but they are the brains that keep the world moving. Top fashion trends are designed and created using machines and software prepared by the ‘not-so-stylish’ guys in school. Your latest dancing video is trending because the kid who ‘dances like he has two left legs’ created the platform you use to share your video online.

You don’t miss something until it is taken away from you

We know that it is highly unlikely that we will ever have an alien abduction of all geeks, but what is apparent in the hypothetical scenario is that the world can’t run an hour without geekss. I fully agree with the Geek apocalypse article.

25 May 2016

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