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Essential Tech Devices and Tools for your Job Search

You need to move fast when it comes to finding a job. Positions can get snapped up quickly so if you want to make sure you stay well ahead of the competition then it's important you can receive emails, job alerts and phone calls on the move. In fact job seekers must have constant access to all the latest job listings and stay connected to their professional and social networks continuously. Recognising important contacts and reaching out to them to forge new relationships can be done more easily with the help of a few simple tech devices.

Such as a smartphone. For viewing new listings, receiving job alerts, responding to emails and of course making follow up calls, nothing beats having a good smartphone in your pocket. This will give you peace of mind you'll never miss that one golden opportunity that could come your way. A smartphone will enable you to stay on top of your job search whether in your lunch hour, out and about running errands or on the bus.

A tablet will help in the hunt for your next opportunity too. Larger and easier to view new listings it's big enough to just go ahead and apply for jobs or send in your CV instantly. Make sure your CV is saved somewhere "in the cloud" (say google pages) so it can be easily attached to an email or message. You can use Google tools to write cover notes and letters and doing it this way makes sure you always have access to a copy, from anywhere you are.

There are a number of job boards online where thousands, if not tens of thousands of jobs are advertised at any one time. To guarantee you see the ones that are most suitable to you, it's wise to create some job alerts. You can use the filters to be extremely specific - and you must. Reams and reams of useless job alerts coming through to your email each day will do nothing but clog up your inbox and create mental clutter.

Never underestimate the power of social media when it comes to your job search either. LinkedIn is effective for building new relationships in the job market and employers often reach out to recruit through this powerful tool. Stay abreast of latest industry news using twitter and Facebook and be aware that job positions are often advertised here too. It's hard to imagine that twitter could be home to your next opportunity, but it's a fact of the modern world.

Lastly, with the importance of tablets and smartphones in your job search it's a good idea to invest in a battery extender because nothing is worse than battery power being the cause of job heartache.

What tools and devices do you consider to be essential in your job search?

10 March 2015

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