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Different Types of Interview

You've been invited to interview for a job you really want, yet you don't know what to expect. There are lots of different types of interview formats, ask the company you are going for an interview with, which format it might be.

Competency based interview

The questions in this interview will be based around the criteria necessary to do the job. You will be expected to answer the questions giving detailed examples, in order for the interviewers to check you meet the criteria they are looking for.

Technical interviews

For technical jobs, you may be asked to do a practical test or show your knowledge by being asked technical questions. The technical interview might form part of a competency based interview or may be held separately.

Portfolio-based interviews

For people in the fashion industry or media, these types of interviews are most common. You will either be asked to bring along a portfolio of work to demonstrate your creativity and skills, or you may be set a project before the interview to complete and bring with you to the interview. 

19 March 2013

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