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Common Interview Problems

You've got through the first hurdle of applying for a job and have been selected for interview. Here are some common problems people have at job interviews and how to avoid them:

Not being prepared

Make sure you have read as much as you can about the company itself, as well as the job description and any other information they have sent you about the position.

Being nervous

Most people get nervous before a job interview, and interviewers will expect this. However, if your nerves get the better of you, to the point where you go blank when asked a question, some deep breathing exercises may help, as will thorough preparation and mock interview practice.

Not demonstrating enthusiasm

You may be highly skilled and suitable for the job, but if you don't come across as enthusiastic about the position, keen to learn and keen to get involved in the company, then you may be overlooked for someone who does demonstrate their enthusiasm.

22 March 2013

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