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Job adverts guaranteed to make you laugh (or at least smile)

If I asked you free associate on the word business for a few minutes, what sort of words, phrases
and images would spring to mind?

Grey suits and ties? Wingtips polished to within an inch of their life? Trying not to fall asleep in

Fair enough.

Except that things seem to be changing. The sheer volume of competition is so high now that
companies cannot afford to stick to a monotone approach.

Creating a business brimming with personality - that's the direction that things are heading (and I'm
not just talking about throwing a nerf ball around the office or replacing the staircase with a slide).

I'm talking about a shift from boring, expected business practices to something a lot more fun. Now
humour in business is not just accepted, but positively encouraged. From the content of emails, to
taglines down to the adverts and marketing.

Take the following job advert from Murder Burger in New Zealand for example;



This is not the first innovative job advert from Murder Burger either. The first went viral and they
received hundreds of thousands of clicks, shares, tweets and updates all about them as a result – and
it was only a sheet of paper stuck up in their window.

Here's one is for budding graphic designers out there:



Can you spot the mistakes?

Or how about this one from It's a Grind coffeehouse, the featured coffee house in the opening
credits of hit US show “Weeds”.



You can see from their name to their adverts to where they advertise that they are not just any run of
the (coffee) mill company. Wouldn't you choose a skinny latte from them over some other boring
coffee shop?

Then there's also the trend of just being quite funny, with a touch of snark. These aren't necessarily
anything to do with branding per se but they are still more than welcome on a list of job adverts that
are going to make you laugh:



This business owner has obviously had staffing problems in the past.

And last but not least everyone loves a clever advert.


Very much a case of showing you're the right person for the job rather than telling don't you think.

How would your impression of a company change if they created a clever and/or funny job advert?

21 January 2015

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