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5 techs that makes gaming more fun

Regardless of the industry you are involved in, you can’t overlook the effect technology has on the industry. Modern technology goes beyond the laptops and interconnected computers. From smart phones, smart cars to cloud computing technology, there’s a profusion of technological advancements that will influence how you run your day to day business and play. To stay relevant, you will have to cope with the changing tech, otherwise you will be forced out.



Since the cave man, man has been a social animal with strong social bonds. When not working, man likes to engage in playful behaviour that brings joy and satisfaction to self. As aging sets in, man’s playful behaviour is hampered by responsibilities and pressures of life. Luckily, formalised systems of play still remain in place. These games continue to remain profoundly rooted in the human experience.

In the last decade, increased advancement in communication and computing technologies have revolutionized electronic gaming. The following technological advancements have changed how modern human games.

1) Tremendous development in sensing technologies has redefined the feel of being an electronic gamer. Peripherals such as the Sony PlayStation Eyetoy, Sega Activator and the Nintendo Wii have unfettered us from the chains of using Joysticks, or keyboards to play. Industry players have revolutionized how we engage with games to bring the aspect of health and more thrill into electronic gaming. Peripherals such as the Microsoft Project Natal utilizes facial expressions, gestures and voice recognition to provide input commands. Sony’s alternative uses the PlayStation Eye camera and the PlayStation move to transpose our real life body movements into screen actions.

2) Increasing adoption of Cloud computing and browser-based applications. You will be surprised that you can today play console-quality games from your web browser. The game Deus Ex: Human Revolution and Saints Row 3 is a browser based whose graphics and game experience is almost matching that of consoles or gaming PCs. The game gives you the advantage of portability in that you can play it on your different internet enabled devices. Frameworks such as Oracle’s Java and Microsoft’s Silverlight play an important supporting role in making this possible.

3) Advances in 3D technology. Gaming consoles manufacturers are using technologies such as the parallax barrier (an illusion based technology that tricks the human eyes to see different specific pixels) to manufacture portable 3D consoles. The Nintendo 3DS is one device using this technology to bring Glassless 3D gaming to our hands. Alternatively, you can still use a 3D screen to play 3D games using the Sony PlayStation.

4) Increased flash speeds and flash storage. The days of gaming cartridges are over. Game DVDs are also on their way out. Game creators are finding it more convenient to distribute their games in a more ‘soft’ form. Most gamers are now downloading their games directly from the internet and storing them in flash storages. Game distribution is easier and more convenient.


(image by DevianArt)

5) Success in Virtual reality. VR is shifting from the goofy accessories and barely functioning technology to game changing hardware and software integration. The upcoming Oculus Rift virtual reality headset is perhaps the most talked about. For £500, Oculus Rift is more than amazing. With a field view of 107 degrees, head-tracking system and immersive stereoscopic 3D rendering capabilities, gaming is more fun than ever.


23 February 2016

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