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Why a shortage of IT staff in the UK spells trouble

The demand for IT staff in the UK is high. We're certainly in the digital age and technology is booming. That's a good (no make that great) thing is it not? Well not necessarily. If there's not enough skilled labour available to plug the posts, a shortfall arises – and shortfalls are never a good thing. Just look at the word, it's heaped in negativity. 

There are fewer and fewer skilled workers in the IT sector in the UK which is causing a bit of a headache for companies right across the country. Why does the discrepancy exist? Well it's mainly because fewer young people are choosing IT as their career path. There's been a drop in the number of women entering the field in particular.

Some are suggesting the IT industry needs a bit of re-branding and maybe that's true.

You see IT is not just for those of, shall we say, a more technical persuasion. Far from it, business skills in the IT sector are just as important as knowing your HTML from your elbow. If more light was shone on this important aspect perhaps more women and younger people would dive in.

Another good suggestion has been to bait the hook with more “open” policies like flexible working hours and having the option to work from home. Addressing the work-life balance in this way would undoubtedly appeal to youngsters just starting out and would surely make them consider IT as a viable option.

In fact if that didn't attract young wippersnappers then I'd eat my hat. Times are a'changin' and the IT industry could and should lead the way.

There is no doubt that something needs to be done. An aging IT workforce is no joke. Without a fresh wave of skilled IT staff continually entering the workforce, the UK IT industry as a whole will suffer. We don't want that. The UK should be right up there at the front with maybe a banner and a sparkler, not limping behind, rasping.

Well if you are living proof of this far from ideal scenario, you will be delighted to hear that we are pretty good (okay you got me, we're experts) at filling those notoriously difficult vacancies. Just give us a call, drop us an email or pop in for a visit. We'll get it done.

09 February 2015

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