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The Importance of a Cover Letter

When submitting your CV for a job application in a particular company, it is important to include a cover letter. You should always bear in mind that you will need the cover letter as long as you are applying for a job. Some people do not know its actual importance but in real sense, it is as important as the CV itself. In fact, its importance applies to all types of professionals including executives, specialists and even graduates.

The truth of the matter is that when you see a job advertisement, there are high chances that so many people will be interested in it. It becomes tiresome and time-consuming to go through one CV at a time, especially when you do not seem to find the right candidate for the job. However, if you are the applicant, you expect the employees to review your application in detail but this is not always the case.

A cover letter helps in providing a general overview of the contents of the applicant’s CV. By going through the cover letter, the employee gets a general idea of what to expect in the CV, therefore providing the chance to decide if the applicant is worth the job vacancy or not. In fact, a cover letter can be used to prioritise your CV against other applicants because it explains the major reasons why you wish to apply for the job and how your CV contains the basic requirements of that job. It acts as a brief but detailed introduction to the applicant’s CV while increasing the chances of grabbing the attention of the employer.

15 February 2013

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