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Hiring the Right Candidate for the Job

It is easy to make the mistake of hiring the wrong candidate. Hiring the right candidate may appear an arduous task, but it isn't. Make sure the candidate fits the job requirements, not the other way around. Cognitive behaviour will always determine a person's ability to maintain strong connections with the role and cognitive behavioural techniques can be assessed by various means of assessments. While the correct skill-set is important, behaviour will determine how a candidate executes their skills. Skills are all very well; the ability to execute them in an orderly and timely manner will only come from cognitive techniques.

In ensuring the role fits the candidate, then it is important to look at the wider picture. A naturally positive and outgoing nature will be of little use to the company, isolated in an office. Equally, a shyer person will not want to engage in office banter and may struggle with office politics and be unable to concentrate or manage their skills for the job.

Therefore, hiring the right candidate is not only about the right skills, it is about the right person who will fit the role and be able to handle the role in an efficient and professional manner. 

08 February 2013

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