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The Best Wearable Tech of 2014

Wearable tech has been booming this past year. It seems people can't get enough of those oh so
clever wrist watches that alert you the minute a new tweet comes in whist simultaneously tracking
how many calories you've consumed, steps you've taken, hours sleep you've gotten etc.

So let's take a look at some of the best and most popular wearable tech products of the year.

The Pebble Steel

Well first things first, it looks super. A real classic style that's never likely to go out of fashion. It's
gamit of features is not half bad either. You can install a whole range of apps on it from weather and
fitness apps, to games and even use it as a camera remote. It's got good battery life and it's
waterproof too so you don't even need to take it off to shower or swim or go strolling in the rain.
The silent alarm will nudge you awake in the morning and tell you when your phone is ringing (say
at a party when you can't hear it). A pretty handy little gadget to say the least.

Up next, the Jawnbone Up24

This one is more of a bracelet than a watch as it does not have a screen. However, it is a neat and
tidy little fitness tracker that will count your steps, monitor your calorie intake and sleep patterns
and track your overall activity levels too. Even further though you can use it to log your meals and
snacks and even scan barcodes in shops to access on the spot nutrition information. If it senses
you've been sitting down for too long it will also give you a discrete boot up the @!$£ to get you

Now for the runners out there. You won't want to miss out on the Garmin Forerunner 15.

A pedometer of course. Compatible with wireless heart-rate monitors, yes. A distance tracker,
calorie monitor, built in GPS....on and on it goes. It can accurately track the distance you've
travelled and the pace you've set. For all types of runners it's an absolute gem and you won't want to
leave home without it.

Do you own any wearable tech? Tell us how you use yours and whether or not you can now imagine
life without it in the comments below.

19 December 2014

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