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5 Interview Hacks: A cheat sheet for nailing your next interview

Your palms are sweaty, knees weak, arms are heavy.....from entry-level to CFO nothing makes the
pulse thump quite like a job interview.

But you can prepare. As well as brainstorming a list of questions they're likely to ask and practicing
your answers in front of the mirror, you can also use these handy cheats (cross out cheats) hacks to
help you stand out like a girl at a Star Trek convention.

Hack 1
The interview started the moment you entered the building so flash those pearly whites, open doors
for people and if you do spot an opportunity to make small talk with the receptionist, go for it.
You'd be surprised at how far a ringing endorsement from them can go.

Hack 2
Try to ignore the elephant in the room for a moment and engage the interviewer in a conversation
unrelated to the interview. Go for a topic more exciting than the weather but stick to something
neutral. It's not the time for your thoughts on immigration for example.

Hack 3
It's easy to find yourself being led through your CV, particularly your employment history however
it's better if you try to take the reigns. By offering up information about your previous employment
and talking confidently about your experience you can take control of this part of the interview
nicely. In doing so you can focus on the high points of your career and brush over any weaker parts.

Hack 4
In a natural (and non-creepy way) try and mirror the body language of the interviewer, just a touch.
Studies have shown this to be an effective way to help get someone to like you and think about you
in a positive way.

Hack 5
Repeat the interviewers name occasionally when answering one of their questions. This will make
you look confident and help firm up the good rapport you've hopefully already got going on. Do it
too often though it will have the opposite effect so this one comes with a warning: can cause severe
discomfort so use with caution.

These top tips mixed with (bonus hack) plenty of eye contact will help make sure your next
interview is the best one yet. Don't forget to practice in front of the mirror too though - there's no
such thing as too much prep when it comes to job interviews.

Have you got any tips for making a good impression at interview?


05 December 2014

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