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App Development set to grow by 700% by 2017

Apps are already widely used by entertainment services, the financial services sector and even for home automation. Yet this market is still in its infancy; said to be worth £2,731m in 2013, Gartner, a leading information technology research and advisory company, predicts that it will experience unparalleled growth of up to 700% and be worth £21,954m by 2017.

The explosion of apps will see them used in some very novel ways. Apps already exist for most main stream industries and brands, but the growth will come as more industries and devices embrace this technology. Gaming apps like Minecraft and Clash of the Titans may dominate the most downloaded, but new apps that act more as a personal assistant helping you take control of your life like Easily Do are growing in popularity. The continued development of wearable devices will see the biggest increase in apps since they are the perfect solution for data exchange and a user interface.

The battle between Android and Apple’s iOS operating system still rages, with latest figures showing that Android is pulling slightly ahead of iOS. Whatever system dominates in the future, one thing is given – the development of apps is big business now so mobile app developers will continue to be in demand. Those who appreciate the importance of the user experience and translate this to a smooth and usable customer interface with a company will help ensure their apps are the most wanted.

07 August 2014

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